Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Most overrated...Most underrated

Just finished reading a book by American Heritage on the Most Overrated and Underrated Snippets of American History.

This inspired me to come up with my own list. More for later.

Let MO = Most Overrated and MU = Most Underrated

US Presidents: MO = JFK; MU = Harry Truman

First Ladies: MO = Jackie Kennedy; MU = Abigail Adams

American Writers: MO = Ernest Hemingway; MU = Ambrose Bierce

Soccer Stars: MO = David Beckham; MU = Garrincha

Tennis Players: MO = Andy Roddick; MU = Guillermo Vilas

Boxers: MO = Larry Holmes; MU = Joe Frazier

American History Events: MO = Pilgrims + Indians at Thanksgiving; MU = US taker over of Oregon and Washington

Political Commentators (left) : MO = Noam Chomsky; MU = Bill Maher

Political Commentators (right): MO = Patrick Buchanan; MU = Mark Steyn
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