Saturday, July 29, 2006

10 Similarities between Russia and Brazil

1. Both are the largest countries in their respective continents.
2. Both have populations concentrated in much smaller areas. In Russia the majority of the population is concentrated in the smaller European portion of the country (West of the Urals). In Brazil, the coastal region contains most of the population.
3. Both have two very large cities that dominate over all others. In Brazil, it is Rio E Janeiro and Sao Paolo. In Russia, it is Moscow and St. Petersburg.
4. Both have power structures that are riddled with corruption.
5. Both have populations of 140 to 200 million.
6. Both nation states have had a history of dictatorships and poor government.
7. Both countries were established by European settler populations. The Greeks and Vikings in the case of Russia. Portugal in the case of Brazil.
8. Both have vast regions of enormous natural wealth. Siberia in Russia. The Amazon in Brazil.
9. Both countries are plagued with environmental problems.
10. Both have a strong neighbor immediately to the south. China in the case of Russia. Argentina with respect to Brazil.
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