Sunday, July 30, 2006

Superhero Movies

Here is my ranking for several superhero movies.

0-2 - Awful. Trash with a big 'T'.
3-4 - Pathetic but has one or two redeemable qualities.
5-6 - Average. A DVD rental if you must.
7 - Worth seeing on the big screen.
8 - A Great Movie
9 - A Classic.
10 - Haven't seen one yet.

Batman I - With Jack N. as the Joker - 8.5
Batman II - With Danny D. and Michelle P. Burgess Meredith and Julia Newmar were better in their respective roles - 6.5
Batman III
- With Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey. Better than II but a far cry from I - 7
Batman IV - The worst and most campiest of the Four. Even Arnold and Uma as Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy could not redeem this one. Liked Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. George Clooney made for a worse Batman than either Michael Keaton or Vil Kilmer - 5.
Batman Begins - with Christian Bale. Finally a serious Batman movie. Bale may be the best Batman yet. A movie that is a must see for fans of the Dark Knight.- 8.5

Superman I - A promising retell of the origins of the Man of Steel - 7.
Superman II - Loved the Trio of Super Villains -8.
Superman III - One of the worst superhero movies ever. Can't believe that such a first-rate comedian as Richard Pryor acted in this crap. - 3.
Superman IV - Couldn't be bothered to see this.
Superman Returns - Heard it has potential. Will rent (not easy to see movies these days with the baby)

Spiderman I - Excellent. Well Directed. Well acted, First rate work by Willem Dafoe (and I don't even like him as an actor). - 8
Spiderman II - Even better than the first. Doc Octopus was superb. - 8.5

X-Men I - A strong screen adaptation. Both Ian Mc'Gandolf' and Patrick Stewart were worth observing in their highly believable roles. 8.5
X-Men II - A drop in quality from version X Men I but not by much - 7.5
X-Men III - Another future rental.

Daredevil - Bulls Eye was great but the movie wasn't. Then again I am not a big Ben Affleck fan. Jennifer Garner's character (Electra) needed more development - 5.

The Fantastic Four - Ok for a laugh but nothing to write home about even with Jessica Alba as the Invisible Girl - 5.

Judge Dredd - The Judge is my favourite comic book character. See
The movie didn't do him justice although the special effects were phenomenal. - 7

Ten Superhero movies I would like to see made

1. A Justice League Movie.
2. A DC/Marvel Crossover movie (have a few of these special edition comics)
3. A Judge Dredd movie with Judge Death as Dredd's enemy
4. A Green Lantern/Flash movie.
5. A Superman movie with the Shark, Bizzaro and Soloman Grundy as villains instead of boring Lex Luther.
6. An Iron Man Movie
7. An Avengers movie
8. A Rogue Trooper movie (Rogue Trooper is a character from 2000AD)
9. A Roy of the Rovers Movie (Another British comic)
10. Dan Dare vs The Mekon

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