Friday, July 28, 2006

Conservatives (Personalities)

Ten Conservatives I like (not in any order)

1. Dennis Prager -Prominent thinker on Jewish/Christian relations.
2. Mark Steyn - A thorn in the side of the leftist intelligensia
3. David Horowitz - Front Page Magazine is awesome
4. William Buckley Jr. - Still has it in him to wield a powerful pen
5. George Jonas - Voice of Reason on Canadian scene
6. Thomas Sowell - A true rationalist
7. Michelle Malkin - One of the internet's best bloggers
8. Paul Johnson - A historian per excellence
9. Bernard Goldberg - Loved his work Arrogance - Really understands the media
10. Walter Williams - First rate economic thinker

Seven Conservatives I don't like (almost all are Paleo-)

1. John Sununu - A first rate scheister from Bush Sr's regime
2. Patrick Buchanan - An American firster whose ideas border on bigotry.
3. Joe Sobran - Another bitter Old Conservative
4. Ann Coulter - Long on Volume short on content
5. Jerry Falwell - His remarks after 911 were deplorable
6. Robert Novack - An opportunist and too often a 'spokesman' for terror groups
7. James Baker - The oil world's best friend
8. Eric Margolis - Views politics from the rear end of a horse's ass. Guaranteed to miss the point.
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