Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I have been a father for almost three weeks now

And this is what I have learnt....

1. to wipe, change and position at the same time... the baby not me.
2. To duck when he sends a golden arch in your direction
3. Burping is a big feat for a baby.... thought I would get that one off my chest
4. Before Three months ...When he smiles it means that he is passing gas
5. He calls the shots not you
6. That breast milk goes right through the system (almost instaneously)
7. That chaos in the house in more of a mainstay than it was before
8. That 2am is a great time for a snack
9. That a poorly made diaper can have nasty consequences
10. That swaddling is an art form
11. That being a parent is not easy...sorry mom and dad.
12. An hour sleep here and there is a God send
13. That babies have well developed vocal chords
14. Starting him on Calculus now is not a great idea
15. That there is a whole science around the fluids/feces produced by babies.
16. That teamwork with your spouse is vital
17. That everyone has advice to give. Sifting out the good from the bad is important.
18. Pacifiers are awesome at times
19. There are hardcore opinions on each side of the Breastfeeding debate that refuse to listen to each other
20. That having a child is a fantastic experience that I am glad to be a part of.
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