Saturday, July 15, 2006

Britain...Likes and Dislikes


1. English History especially the Period between the Tudors and Queen Vic.
2. British Comics eg. Judge Dredd, Roy of the Rovers, Battle etc.
3. Music groups - Depeche Mode, OMD, The Cure, Stones, Beatles, Dire Straits, Talking Heads,
4. Winston Churchill and the British Spirit during WWII
5. The Lotus
6. The British Museum and the City of London Museum
7. British Football especially Liverpool FC
8. Monty Python and the Goons
9. Rowan Atkinson
10. The Ashes (Cricket)
11. Former Middle Distance Runners: Seb Coe, Steve Ovett, Steve Cram. Decathelete: Daley Thompson
12. Fish and Chips, Yorkshire Pudding and Pot Roast
13. English choclates - Yorkie and British Cadbury
14. Walls Ice Cream
15. Visiting London
16. West End Drama
17. The Imperial War Museum
18. English Countryside
19. Agatha Christie
20. Maggie Thatcher
21. British contribution to Science and Technology
22. HG Wells - but not his political opinions
23. Thinkers: Bernard Lewis and Paul Johnson
24. British TV - Fawlty Towers, Carry on Series, Persuaders, Professionals, Thunderbird
25. James Bond
26. British Naval History
27. The RAF
28. The High Quality Knowledge/Fact Books on History and Science that greatly enthrall me now just as they did during my childhood- (Publishers: Hamlyn, Collins)
29. Scouser wit and humour
30. The English Language
31. Blenheim and Windsor Castles
32. The Collectible Market
33. Tradition of Liberal Democracy
34. The Poetry of Tennyson
35. The Traditional Educational System - which now seems to be on the decline

25 Dislikes

1. British Arabism
2. London as a refuge for too many politically subversive groups
3. Man U supporters
4. Policy of Appeasement prior to WWII
5. The strong undercurrent of Anti-Semitism
6. Know it all actors such as Vanessa Redgrave
7. Alexander Cockburn and other snooty pseudo-intellectuals
8. The Historical Class Structure
9. London Traffic
10. The Commercialization of the Nation - No its not Thatcher's fault
11. Tony Benn and George Galloway
12. The Rising stream of Political Correctness
13. Richard Dawkins
14. The reliability of the Jaguar
15. Haggis
16. The history of British Army snobbery towards the colonials
17. The Drinking Culture
18. Terrace Housing
19. Plumbing in the UK
20. The Growing Political Correctness Movement in the Country
21. The loss of British culture at the expense of European values
22. The BBC Editorial board
23. The Guardian
24. The decision to rename the Old 1st Division as the Premier League
25. The handling of the New Wembley.
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