Friday, June 08, 2007

What I like about Toronto

I have lived in Toronto since 1988. This is what I like about the city.

1. The Toronto Zoo - excellent.
2. The availibility of virtually any type of ethnic cuisine.
3. Summer minus the humidity and construction
4. Walks in High Park.
5. The Word's Biggest Book Store
6. The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum - especially the sections on China and Paleontology).
7. The Beach Area
8. Baseball Games at the Old Sky Dome - Now Rogers Centre.
9. Little Italy
10. The Theatre District
11. Fort York
12. Casa Loma
13. Yonge/Eglinton on Summer Nights
14. The Esplanade on a Saturday Night
15. The Ontario Science Centre

This is what I don't like

1. Traffic Congestion - an all too common curse of the city.
2. Rising House prices
3. A growing litter problem.
4. The overall unfriendliness of the city - rudeness seems a way of life with many
5. A very limited subway system
6. The Winters
7. Long line ups at Hospital Emergency Rooms
8. A watefront populated by Condominiums.
9. Artsy wannabees on Queen Street
10. Parking - or the lack of it.
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