Monday, June 11, 2007

40 Disturbing Trends

1. The Rise of Radical Islam - the Global Jihad.
2. The decline of mainstream christianity.
3. The expansion of the Dawkins-Hitchens - god-is-the-problem meme.
4. The rise of moral relativism.
5. The growth of the celebrity-as-authority cult
6. The loss of scale in differentiating 'wrongs' from attrocities - such as those who compare Gitmo to the Holocaust - this corresponds to a loss in historical understanding
7. Growing mainstream acceptance in the west of Partial Birth Abortion.
9. The expansion of the victimhood cult.
10. The growth of the Nanny Society
11. The increased prevalence of vulgar language in Prime Time TV.
12. The loss of objectivity and balance by such so-called champions of Human Freedoms as the ACLU, the UN and Amnesty International.
13. More money being pumped into Africa with very little to show for it.
14. Teacher Unions driven by left wing foreign politics - should be neutral.
15. Growing Anti-Semitism masquerading as Anti-Zionism
16. The Corporate buyout of World Sport
17. Dumbing down in Education and its twin evil Grade Inflation
18. The Growth of Entitlement - part of the culture of victimhood
19. Popular Endorsement of drug dealers - as Cool Capitalists.
20. Bad Science posing as Real Science - One see a lot of this in the global warming and nutrition debates.
21. The growing demand for reparations of one form or another.
22. The increasing advance on advertising into our daily lives.
23. A growing accetance of violence on TV.
24. The Culture of Litigation.
25. The Rise of the Big Box Store at the expense of the family business
26. Self-Censorship of Journalists in the face of Islamist threats - eg. the Danish Cartoon Crisis.
27. Illegal Immigration to the West.
28. European Pacifism and Appeasement.
29. The Decline of the American Automobile Industry
30. The Wikipedia culture of research
31. More self-help nonsense on the horizon - a lucrative trend for some
32. A decrease in useful and critical parent-child discipline
33. Lesser appreciation for the classics
34. The further marginalization of boys by an indifferent and politically impaired school system. Includes a further loss of male role models in teaching.
35. The enhancement of the therapy and DSM culture - More diverse behaviour will be diagnosed as symptomatic of a 'specific' condition.
36. Second rate qualification research in a Ph.D obsessed University culture.
37. Growing Non-Intellectualization of University - spread of the 'soft skills' movement - more profs who teach ideology as opposed to content/critical thinking
38. Less diversity in car design
39. The relationship of people through the electronic interface - deterioation of personal contact
40. Poor but fast workmanship
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