Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nonsense from Christison

I really am enjoying ripping apart these counterpunch articles...there is something cathartic about it. Here is the next in the series.

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My criticism of Bill Christison is in Red. His rant is in black.

I plan to demonstrate publicly but without violence this coming Sunday (June 17, 2007) against the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Rome for condoning the actions of one of its subordinate units De Paul University in Chicago, Illinois, USA (Yes – because the Catholic Church has such a great record in siding with Israel over the years – they must clearly be controlled by the Jewish Inteligensia???? So you worked for the CIA, Bill? – What is the criteria for hiring at the Agency? I am starting to see how the WMD screw-up arose) in denying tenure for Dr. Norman Finkelstein because of the latter's criticism of the policies of the government of Israel and the government of the United States in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Even if he Finkelsatein uses lies, omissions and errors to make his points …but who cares?…the important idea for Christison is that Finkelstein is anti-Israel. Professor Omer Bartov (Brown University historian) likened Finkelstein's book on the Holocaust as a "novel variation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,". For more on the Fink go to:

My strong belief is that Dr. Finkelstein is an honest and highly competent scholar (Never mind that this ‘competent’ scholar has no publications at all in academic journals – a requirement for tenure) who seeks justice for and an end to oppression of the Palestinian people, who live in the West Bank, in the Gaza Strip, in Israel itself, and in many other parts of the world in refugee camps and as exiles. (While selectively ignoring the Arab betrayal of the Palestinian people – a critical factor that is best overlooked in Finkelstein’s never-never land analysis) My belief also is that he was denied tenure because of these views and because a massive campaign was launched against him by the Israel lobby in the United States (and your proof is?…..) a campaign that those Catholic officials who presently dominate the management of De Paul University were unwilling to stand up against. (despite the fact that they sacked a lecturer Thomas Klocek for merely defending Israel – Where was the Pro-Israel bias there? Read:

This demonstration in Santa Fe, New Mexico will begin at 9:00 a.m., June 17, across the street from the main entrance of St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, on one of the corners of Cathedral Place and San Francisco St. I will be there alone if necessary but hope others will join in, as long as they are willing to accept that the demonstration must be peaceful, and that they not cross the street and go onto the grounds of the Cathedral or block anyone from entering the Cathedral or say anything critical of those entering. I am personally not a Catholic, but my sign will urge people planning to go to the 10:00 a.m. Mass to boycott that Mass instead, and join us in the demonstration. (because its more important to side with an anti-semite than pray to god, right Bill?) I do not intend to say anything derogatory to anyone while I am demonstrating (just half truths, lies and damned lies with a spin – Mark Twain would have a field day with him) although I will give anyone who expresses interest in me a brochure explaining the Finkelstein tenure issue (from my warped perspective only _. I will stay until 10:00 a.m. and then leave. (Why you have a Stormfront meeting to run to later?).

I not only hope that others will join me in this demonstration. I hope that yet others, reading this message, will organize similar demonstrations near other Catholic churches. I further hope that we can carry on similar demonstrations on future Sundays, all around this country and abroad (time well spent???? mmmm), until the hierarchy of the Catholic church in Rome takes note of us and until that hierarchy compels its subordinates at De Paul University to reverse the unjust decision on Dr. Finkelstein (while you are at it wasting your time take note of the barbaric infighting between Hamas and Fatah – then ask yourself the question which of these two groups that ultimately seek the destruction of Israel – should Israel negotiate with?)

If anyone reading this thinks I am overreacting, that is unfortunate. (its ok – misguided sentiment and stupidity is still protected by the first amendment) The Israel lobby simply should not be allowed to win this round (Don't worry I am sure that you and your buddies at the CIA can found some way to further screw up Western security and even the odds in favour of Islamo-Fascism). There is little doubt that some will argue that the Catholic hierarchy in Rome had nothing to do with the decision against Finkelstein. (Yes most sane people) But there is also little doubt that the hierarchy can overrule that decision if it wishes. (Maybe – the Church once did endorse the Inquisition so there is still hope yet Bill) And it says something that, to me, is utterly despicable if the hierarchy of the church refuses to overrule its own underlings at De Paul (It would truly be despicable if they did – but not surprising – I wouldn’t feel too sorry for the Fink though he can always try and obtain tenure at the University of Tehran…he then won’t have too far to travel for future Holocaust Denial Conventions).
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