Monday, June 04, 2007

The Democratic Nomination - 2008

So the Dems are finally falling over one another in deciding who has the best exit strategy.
Judging from the quality available for show at New Hampshire this weekend it is becoming more and more apparent that Al Gore should enter the runoff – such is the quality available on hand.

The following is a run down of each of the current contenders:

Hilary Clinton (Senator NY) - Is intelligent and well-spoken but carries more bad baggage than any of the other contenders. Although a front runner right now I am not convinced that she will have much success in convincing Red State voters to see her as a presidential candidate. This is a pity in a way as I believe that of all the Democrat candidates she has the toughest stance against Terror.

Barack Obama (Senator Ill) - : Seems like a manufactured candidate. Obama is squeaky clean to the point of not standing for anything. He may seem a great choice for the ‘diversity crowd’ of the party but as a political neophyte) who has a tendency to follow public opinion his campaign may be run over by the shadow party of George Soros et al. A very dangerous phenomenon for all supporters of a strong front against Radical Islam.

John Edwards (Senator NC) - Edwards is all about attack nothing about building. He also strikes one as the kind of ‘political scheister’ who will say anything to be elected. He more than even Obama is willing to court the anti-war vote and his rhetoric on America’s moral authority is as nauseating as it is insincere. Expect large scale opposition to his presidential campaign from the healthcare establishment in the US. Although Mike Moore may endorse him (kiss of death).

Gov. Bill Richardson (NM) – I like Richardson as he is not as caught up with the Iraqi mania as are the other candidates. His focus on US education is refreshing and he would be my choice for the nomination should Gore fail to stand. However he still is a bit of a lightweight (despite his role as ambassador to the UN) and I can’t see him defeating the party’s establishment who appear to be gathering around the Clinton-Obama-Edwards Gang of Three.

Joe Biden (Senator Del)– Is too much of a Capital Hill insider to make much of an impact. Biden failed in 1988 – offers nothing new to the table except possibly a dubious appeasement strategy with Iran or North Korea.

Dennis Kucinich (Rep. OH) – The number one choice of the pot smoking collective. Is more radical than Governor Moonbeam (Jerry Brown) and equally unelectable.

Mike Gravel (Former Senator Alaska) - Mike who? Possible answer to a trivia question in years to come.

Christopher Dodd (Senator CONN) – A lefty from New England exactly what the party doesn’t need.
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