Saturday, June 16, 2007

On 2008

Its a difficult task picking the Democratic Candidate that is most inspiring. In an earlier post I mentioned Bill Richardson - but lets face it he has no chance of winning the nomination. Hilary seems like the safe choice but the thought of another Clinton on office and all the hoopla that accompanies this stimulates my gag reflex. Neverthless Lady C. seems to be the toughest on terror, a concept that has slipped by the opportunism of how-left-can-I-position-myself John Edwards. As for Obama, his inexperience is a major negative. He also seems to have the political conviction of a dandelion and what is most problematic is that he is starting to position himself as the spokesperson for the Move.On crowd. Having George Soros, a man with a limited understanding of the defence of western liberalism, acting as the puppet master behind Obama is an awful prospect.

However the American electrorate seems tired of any Bushite agenda - so it looks as though the Dems have a real shot in 2008.

The only saving grace is that a better candidate than either Clinton, Obama and Edwards will rise to head the donkey party (or is it the ass party? - the latter seems more appropriate somehow). I am partial to Al Gore - in his old incarnation as a politician - not the Happy Feet caricature that he has become as of late. Again the jury is out....Surely a nation of 300 million can expect more?
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