Thursday, June 21, 2007

Global Warming debate is a bit murky

4 Oversights in the Global Warming Debate

1. Myth: Only a small fringe group of scientists denies the existence of human induced global warming.
Truth: Unless you consider 17,000 + a few this is indeed not the case.

2. Myth: The Evidence for man-made global warming is so overwhelming that it is now a closed case.
Truth: Nothing in Science is a closed case. Every scientific observation and theory is open to Falsification. If it is not then it is not Science. See Karl Popper -

3. Myth: Opponents of man-made global warming are all right wingers.
Truth: Again incorrect. The scientists in the petition outlined above are certainly not all right-wingers. In addition here is an opinion piece by arch-leftist Alex Cockburn on Global Warming.
Also worth reading is Vaclav Havel’s opinion on the issue:

4. Myth: Republicans are opponents of environmentalism.
Truth: Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican and California governor is very much pro-environment. For more go to
Also – and not much known is the Republican Group – REP
The majority of Republicans are not anti-environment but believe that environmental plans must take into account the impact that it will have on job loss and the economy.

For more on global warming hysteria go to
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