Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Republican Debate

I just finished watching the Republican Candidates debate.
The CNN intelligensia - which somehow includes the feeble-minded Ariana Huffington - seemed to give the edge to McCain. I saw Giuliani as the winner.

Several items were clear from the debate:
1. George Bush is a liability
2. Ronald Reagan is an asset.
3. The GOP has lost its way.

Rudy Giuliani - was the best candidate at attacking the Dems. He outlined a workable logically sound health care proposal, and seemed to have the clearest vision on National Security amongst all the candidates.

John McCain - showed his age and doesn't appear to offer more than Dubya has delivered. His bipartisan initiatives are appreciated but I just can't seem him defeating the Dems. Nevertheless he appears to have the support to slug it out with Rudy G. for the nomination.

Tom Tancredo - Seems a bit too hot under the collar. I liked his English as the Official language policy but his vision of a black-white world appears a bit limited.

Tommy Thompson - Knows the healthcare scenario well but has no chance of winning the nomination. Too much of a lightweight.

Duncan Hunter - Champions the necessary Mexico-border fence but did not appear to have the depth of scope on world issues that Giuliani and McCain have.

Sam Brownback - Is looking for the Social Conservative vote which he might split with Mike Huckabee. Don't expect much beyond that.

Mike Huckabee - A well-spoken eloquant figure who did a great job of representing the moral conscious of the party. Not electable but an excellent resource for any administration.

Mitt Romney - Was disappointing and frankly not believable. Kept going on about the future like some well polished sales rep.

Ron Paul - Still can't see why he is a Republican. Other than a Libertarian angle he should have been at the debate two days ago.

Jim Gilmore - Doesn't bring anything new to the table. Dodged the question on the environment.
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