Sunday, June 17, 2007

Unholy alliances

World history is filled with the story of unholy alliances that have been formed based on convenience and a common goal (or at times hatred).

Here are a few:

1. Soviets/Nazis: The two agreed to divide Poland between each other prior to WWII. The Pact created was supposed to be that of Non-Aggression - a situation that vaporized rapidly when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in June of 1941 (Operation Barbarossa).

2. Communists/Islamists in Iran: Both joined forces to overthrow the Shah. Once this was achieved in 1979 - the Islamists said 'thank you very much' and systematically began persecuting the Communists - We hate to say I told you so?

3. Ukrainian Nationalists/Nazis: Another WWII alliance of convenience that would see the latter shaft the former - after all the Ukrainian Nationalists were still Slavic Undermenschen in the eyes of the Nazis - regardless of their hatred for the Soviets.

4. RadicalLeftists/Islamists - A very disturbing contemporary phenomenon where both forces are bought together under a common loathing of the US and Western Style Liberalism (not to mention the Jews of course).

5. Radical Leftists/Paleoconservatives - The former detest Liberalism and American Interventionist Politics and the latter American Interventionist Politics and Liberalism (oops is that the same thing). For more on this see the cross-referencing of columnists of each type between the Paleo Antiwar blog and the Leftist Counterpunch. Any American good deed is evil for these guys and like #4 they both hate the Joooos.

6. Syria/Iran: Both have a vested interested in supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon. Each are both served by a divided and weakened Iraq. Choosing between Syria and Iran is liking picking sides these days between typhoid and cholera. No thank you.

7. Holocaust Deniers/Jihadists:
For more on the Nazi Jihadist relationship go to:
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