Friday, January 02, 2009

On Stem Cells

There seems to be a lot more opposition against fetal stem cell usage then there really should be (adult stem cells are not as controversial for obvious reasons). As a champion of Science I believe that the advantage that they offer (in the field of cellular regeneration) far out way the danger posed by the potential harvesting of fetuses for stem cell collection purposes. Nevertheless the ethical concerns must be addressed as even the remote possibility of the latter must certainly send shivers down the spine of any individual who values the sanctity of human life.

The restrictions placed by the Bush administration on Stem Cell Research are on the surface draconian but from a research perspective they may have indirectly catalyzed a growth market in adult stem cell research which could render the use of Fetal stem Cells redundant.....The jury is out on this one as well.

I personally believe that with gene therapy, our growing understanding of the human genome and the factors that switch genes on and off - stem cell therapy may not be as vital a technique in the near future as it is now.....Time will tell...
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