Saturday, January 10, 2009

Israel v Hamas - Reactions from Canada

Sid Ryan, the proverbial windbag from CUPE Ontario, attempted to stir the pot further by initiating an academic boycott against Israel. As usual Ryan went off on a rant comparing Israel to that favourite cliche of the hard left...Nazi Germany. With tongue-in-cheek (to replace his foot-in-mouth) he apologized and then was made to eat humble pie on the Michael Coren show when his entire case against Israel was deconstructed and found wanting....Will this change Ryan's attitude? Not bloody likely...he is so in bed with the Anti-Israel chattering classes that he and has absolutely no desire to fully understand this issue. Ryan is a silly little man with media exposure and a vehicle to express it..the person who coined the term loose canon may have had him in mind. On a further note why does a Union representing Ontario public service labour issues need a foreign policy anyway?

Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal Party's PM in waiting, endorsed Israel's fight against the Islamofascists of Hamas. As an Israel supporter this should inspire me to do cartwheels...but I am not.... Ignatieff (like most Liberals) has a history of backtracking...he did so in 2006 in the fight against Hezbollah and I believe that it is only a matter of time before the Pro-Terror crowd within the Liebral party forces him to recant and inappropriately condemn Israel for defending herself...

Jeet Heer is another one of those third rate Academic minds who pontificate in our University system (and they say that University is a place of knowledge). In an article in the usually Conservative National Post he argues that Jews should start paying attention to the blog writings of three leftist Jewish bloggers. Thanks for the advice Jeet...but a Second Jewish Holocaust is not an option. Nevertheless Heer does make a point and a very sad one indeed...too many diaspora Jews are apathetic about the Israel situation...I blame it on a lack of understanding of history (a product of our dumbed down education system) and the trap of prosperity that allows many Jews (like many others) living in the Western World to have the luxury of removing themselves from the world of reality to their own bubble existence. Compound this with an endless flow of pro-Terror Propaganda, a predominance of Israel bashing academics (such as Heer, Juan Cole, Falk etc. ) a large core of spineless others and you can see why this is the case. Its time for Jews to stand up and counteract such nonsense.

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