Sunday, January 18, 2009

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On Blue Dogs in the Democrat Party
According to the WSJ Blue Dogs may hold the key to the Party's future success.
If I were an American I would probably be a Blue Dog so this is music to my ears.

Victory over Hamas
Ronald Radosh makes the vital case as to why Israel must defeat Hamas.

Term Limits for Hugo Chavez
The people of Venezuela can impose term limits on this egomaniac. They should before he runs the country into the ground...

The Messiah comes to Washington (On the Obama Inauguration)
He is taking the path followed by Abe Lincoln...I wish him well but express reservations...

British Liberal Democrats buys into the disproportionate stupidity argument
No surprise here the party flew off the rails some time ago...Still they are way better than that anti-semite George Galloway and his terror lovers at RESPECT. Here is a fun quiz on Galloway

A You-tube where Mugabe says - 'Let me be a Hitler ten-fold....' and to think the leftist intelligensia at the University of Edinburgh once gave this guy an honourary doctorate.

Ask yourself why this mass murder in the Congo was so undereported by the Anti-Israel obsessed press who claim to champion human rights?

Canada's dumbest and equally hateful academic Michael Neumann, who apparently teaches philosophy at last chance Trent U, had this to say in one of his many rants against Israel...

Israel is certainly entitled to protect its citizens by evacuation and other non-violent measures, but it is not entitled to harm a hair on the head of a Palestinian firing rockets into Israeli cities, whether or not these rockets kill innocent civilians.
(Source: Counterpunch)

Is there any wonder that Ultra-Leftists such as Neumann are often labelled as 'Jews for a Second Holocaust'? Steve Plaut has more on this in his excellent blog.
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