Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nine Possible Outcomes for Canada (2015-2200)

Take your pick..............

1. Quebec will separate to form its own state. Rest of Canada will exist as its own state as well.
2. Quebec will not separate from Canada but will gain special status within the Canadian Federation.
3. Quebec will separate. Rest of Canadian provinces will join with the United States.
4. Quebec will separate. Several provinces (not all) will join with the United States.
5. Quebec will separate. US will split up. Rest of Canadian Provinces will pair up with different US states to form regional power entities.
6. Quebec will not separate but Canada will be absorbed into the United States to form a new North American nation.
7. Quebec will separate. Remaining Canadian Provinces will join selectively with each other to form separate nations. ie. Alberta-BC, Manitoba-Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Maritimes.
Canada will break down into even more independent entities following the separation of Quebec. For example cities such as Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver may become nation states unto their own. Several native homelands may gain independence as well.
8. Quebec Nationalism is watered down, by immigration of diverse populations from all over the globe, until it eventually becomes insignificant. The difference between provinces on crucial issues of identity decreases over time until the Province structure collapses and Canada becomes one single united nation.
9. Status Quo prevails...
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