Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Education Commentaries and Resources

The following is a list of some useful commentaries and resources with respect to education - Canadian home schooling resource. Although I myself would not home school my own children (even though I am more than capable of doing so) I fully understand why many parents, who have become disillusioned with our ‘lowest common denominator’ system would. - School vouchers are an excellent method to provide parents with more school choice…it’s a shame that the defenders of the status quo have gone out of there way to combat this much needed reform…especially when many of them (including the Obamas) send their children to private schools. – John Stossel on Education. The ABC man is a Libertarian (which I am not) so one has to judge his argument from that perspective. Nevertheless he does make some useful points. For Stossel’s documentary Stupid in America go to
Public Education has been in free fall for some time now. - The ever present Dumbing Down continues - As expected Dumbing Down has moved to the other side of the Pond. - Added silly government intervention in education – translation – expect the system to worsen. - Men needed in teaching. That the field is top heavy with female educators is no great revelation but men continue to shy away from this vital occupation… – The Bill Ayers phenomenon - More on Ayers and the influence of critical pedagogy and its pernicious presence in education. - Conservative under attack by ‘tolerant’ leftists. Shock horror….Isn’t the left all about toleration? - A libertarian view of No Child Left Behind - More on NCLB.
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