Wednesday, January 14, 2009

20 People/Organizations who have disappointed me

1. Condi Rice - Very wishy-washy in her role as Secretary of State...Made me look forward to the arrival of Hilary.

2. John McCain - Gave up the good fight against Obama well short of the finish line...I don't believe his heart was in it at the end.

3. Niall Ferguson - A great historical mind but at times falls prey to the delight of revisionism.

4. Dinesh D'Souza - Regressed from his excellent Magnum Opus 'Illiberal Education' to a silly thesis that Liberals were to blame for 911.

5. Lynn Margulis - A first rate biologist but what is she doing hanging around 911 truthers?

6. George W Bush - Has not taken a strong enough stance against illegal immigration into the US nor has he done much to decrease American dependency on Foreign Oil...

7. Annie Lennox - Eurthymics singer who now protests alongside supporters of Hamas terror.

8. Richard Dawkins - Has allowed his own religion of scientism to override the limits of science.

9. Rafa Benitez - His rants against Alex Ferguson have no value in the game...Liverpool managers have always had style.

10. Madonna - Her videos linking John McCain to Hitler were disgraceful.

11. Ban Ki Moon - Actually as UN Secretary General he is basically par for the course.

12. George Soros - Seemed to be a positive force in Eastern Europe at the end of the Cold War - he has now become the daddy moneybags for a host of Far Leftist causes that are damaging to the US.

13. Donald Rumsfeld - Failed to Apply common sense thinking to the post Iraqi War Situation.

14. Nelson Mandela - Has not taken a strong stance against Robert Mugabe's tyranny in Zimbabwe.

15. Sean Penn - His acting credentials are without question but his uber left politics (gushing over Saddam Hussein and later Chavez) have much to be desired.

16. Andrew Sullivan - Once a voice of reason in the blogosphere now just another Obama lackey.

17. Cato Institute - For putting financial greed way ahead of National Security.

18. John Murtha - For not coming clean about his Haditha witch hunt.

19. Harvard University - For allowing Feminist radicals to drive out Larry Summers via a malicious smear campaign.

20. Rudy Guiliani - For running one of the worst presidential campaigns in American History.
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