Saturday, January 03, 2009

Movies that I have seen lately

Seven Pounds – The story dragged considerably and the hints were sparse as to what was to happen at the end (lets face it we all new that something big was on the horizon). As usual Will Smith played his part well although I am not sure whether his character was too much of a deviation from his actual personality (on the surface level anyway). Rosario Dawson was bearable and Woody Harrelson virtually negligible with Smith dominating the moving in its entirety. This is more one for the DVD player than it is for the Big Screen but all-in-all I don’t feel two bad about the two looneys I coughed up to watch it.

Rating: 6/10

Frost/Nixon – As a history buff I find the material fascinating so I was on board with the story line from the get go. The movie appeared to walk the fine line between criticizing Nixon and letting the 37th President ‘tell his side of the story’ for at least the first three quarters of the movie before degenerating into the normal holier-than-thou stance that liberals take when speaking about Watergate. Frank Langella was first rate in his portrayal of Nixon, and deserves an Oscar for his work, as was the acting of Michael Sheen (he of the cat-in-the hat-grin) and Kevin Bacon. As for the history there is no doubt that the movie exaggerated the significance of the interview. It also failed to mention at the end that Nixon had a very favourable post-Presidential role as a foreign policy advisor to a host of presidents while writing several books on international relations at the same time. This leaves uninformed viewer with the false impression that Frost (who career after the interview has not grabbed the world by storm) actually derailed the Nixon intellectual express. Nevertheless I must complement the cinematography as well as Ron Howard’s directing skills in bringing to life a topic that could have spiraled into nothing.

Rating: 7.5/10
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