Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Pick for the 100 Most Important People of all time

1. Mother Eve - First Human Being. Mother of Humanity according to genetics.
2. Socrates - Philosopher. Taught western society to question and think.
3. Johannes Gutenberg - Inventor of the Printing Press.
4. Abraham - Father of Western Monotheism.
5. Isaac Newton - Physicist. Discovered laws of Motion and Law of Gravity.
6. Alexander Graham Bell - Inventor. Built first telephone.
7. Confucius - Philosopher. Dominant influence on Chinese society.
8. Jesus Christ - The Raison d’etre for Christianity.
9. Muhammad - Founded Islam. Wrote the Koran.
10. Aristotle - Philosopher and Scientist. Set up guidelines for knowledge.
11. Moses - Religious leader. Receiver of the Ten Commandments and the Torah.
12. Siddhartha Gautama - The Last Buddha. Religious Leader.
13. Martin Luther - Leader of Protestant Reformation.
14. Virgin Mary - Mother of Jesus Christ. Object of worship.
15. Hammurabi - Babylonian ruler. Set up first set of known Codified Law.
16. St. Paul - Religious figure who helped greatly to spread Christianity to the masses.
17. Anton von Leeuwenhoek - Microscopist. First to identify Germs.
18. Nicolas Copernicus - Scientist. Champion of the Solar centered universe theory.
19. Johannes Kepler - Mathematician and Astronomer
20. Hippocrates - Medical Doctor. Father of Medicine and Diagnosis.
21. Charles Darwin - Biologist. Proponent of Evolution by Natural Selection.
22. Plato - Philosopher. Built on the Socratic foundation to search for knowledge.
23. Democritus - Scientist and Philosopher. Gave name to ‘democracy’
24. Joseph Lister - Medical Doctor. Introduced antiseptics conditions in surgery.
25. Leonardo Da Vinci - Artist, Inventor and Anatomist.
26. Albert Einstein - Physicist. Pioneer in Relativity and Nuclear Physics.
27. William Shakespeare - Playwright. The Greatest in his field.
28. Gregor Mendel - Austrian monk. Father of Genetics
29. Galileo Galilei - Astronomer. Inventor of the Refracting Telescope
30. Henry Ford - Inventor. Developer of the Production Line
31. Edward Jenner - Medical Doctor. Developed immunization technique against Smallpox.
32. Louis Pasteur - Scientists. Discovered cure for rabies. Developed Bacterial sterilization procedures. Defeated age old Theory of Spontaneous Generation.
33. Alexander Fleming - Discoverer of Penicillin
34. James Simpson - Medical Doctor. Developed First Real Anesthetic - Chloroform
35. Gottlieb Daimler - Built first Motor Vehicle
36. Mahatma Gandhi - Political Activist. Won independence for India. Father of non-violent philosophy.
37. Guglielmo Marconi - Sent first Radio transmission. Built first wireless radio.
38. Wright Brothers - Brothers Orville and Wilbur. Built and flew first airplane
39. Adolph Hitler - German dictator whose actions were responsible for World War II and the Holocaust
40. Mao Zedong - Chinese Leader. Communist Revolutionary.
41. John Logie Baird/Vladimir Zworkyin - Joint Inventors of Television.
42. Vladimir Lenin - Russian Revolutionary.
43. Genghis Khan - Mongol Warlord. Conquered most of Asia and parts of Europe.
44. Constantine - Roman Emperor. Conversion to Christianity on his death bed helped spread Christianity across Europe.
45. Elizabeth I - Queen responsible for the future growth of English Power.
46. Julius Caesar - General and Politician who played a significant role in the expansion of Roman Power.
47. George Washington - American Revolutionary War General and First President
48. Otto van Bismarck - Prussian statesman and Unifier of Germany.
49. Napoleon Bonaparte - French Emperor. Conquered vast portions of Europe in the late 18th and early 19th century.
50. Marie Curie - Two time Nobel Prize Winner. Discoverer of Radium.
51. Alexander the Great - Macedonian General. Created vast Empire during 12 year span.
52. Thomas Jefferson - US Statesman. 3rd President. Took prominent role in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.
53. Karl Marx - Philosopher. Author of the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.
54. Christopher Columbus - Explorer.
55. Kublai Khan - Enlightened Monarch of China
56. Henri Dunant - Founder of the Red Cross
57. Sigmund Freud - Father of Psychoanalysis
58. James Watt - Scottish Engineer . Involved in the development of the Steam Engine.
59. Jonas Salk - Scientist. Developed Polio vaccine
60. Thomas Edison - Inventor. Most noted for the Electric Light Bulb.
61. George Stephenson - Inventor and Railway pioneer. Built the Rocket Steam Engine.
62. Homer - Greek Bard. Author of the Iliad and the Odyssey
63. Carl Jung - Psychologist. Father of Analytical Psychology
64. St. Augustine - Philosopher. Father of Church doctrine,
65. Peter the Great - Russian Tsar. Modernizer of the country.
66. Kublai Khan - Chinese -Mongol Emperor.
67. Pope Urban II - Champion and main driving force behind the First Crusade.
68. Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain - Financiers of the Voyage of Columbus and the Spanish Inquisition.
69. Jozef Stalin - Soviet dictator
70. Archimedes - Greek Scientist and Mathematician
71. Michelangelo - Italian Painter and Sculptor
72. Charles Babbage - English Computer pioneer
73. Marco Polo - Middle Ages Italian explorer
74. Lao Tzu - Chinese Philosopher and writer. Founder of Taoism.
75. Nikolai Tesla - Yugoslav Physicist. Father of Alternating Current.
76. St Paul - Leading figure in the spread of Christianity
77. Charlemagne - French King and Religious leader.
78. James Watson and Francis Crick - Co-discovers of DNA Double helix structure.
79. Michael Faraday - English Scientist. Great figure in the field of Electromagnetism.
80. Menes - Egyptian pharaoh. Unifier of Upper and Lower Egypt.
81. Abraham Lincoln - American President. Freed the Slaves of America and saved the Union.
82. Sulamein the Magnificent - Turkish (Ottoman) Empire Builder
83. Robert Oppenheimer - Nuclear Physicist. Father of the Manhattan Project.
84. Hernando Cortes - Spanish Conquistador.
85. Ramses II - Egyptian Pharaoh
86. Samuel Colt - Inventor of the revolver.
87. Euclid - Greek Geometrician. Author of The Elements.
88. Voltaire - French ‘Age of Reason’ Philosopher.
89. Winston Churchill - British Politician and Writer.
90. Werner von Braun - German Rocket Pioneer.
91. Georg Hegel - German Philosopher. Father of Dialectics.
92. Tamerlane - Muslim Conqueror and warlord.
93. Simon Bolivar - South American Liberator
94. Andreas Vesalius - Leading figure in the birth of Modern Anatomy.
95. John Bardeen - Co-inventor of the transistor. Superconductor pioneer.
96. Joan of Arc - French saint, soldier and motivator.
97. Martin Luther King - American Civil Rights Leader.
98. Justinian I - Byzantine Emperor.
99. Chi Huangdi - Chinese Emperor. Builder of the Great Wall of China.
100. King David - King of the Jews.
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