Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lefty Political Definitions

Alternative Press - An alternative but very often only to sanity.

Anarchist - The foot fungus of the political world.

Anti-Globalization Protest - A chance to wreak havoc at the taxpayer’s expense.

Anti-Zionism - The politically correct form of Anti-Semitism.

Capitalism - All that which is evil. Even if it pays the bills.

Fidel Castro - A Great leader. Suppression of Free Speech and Democracy aside.

Noam Chomsky - Leading scholar of the school of ‘Progressive’ Political Hypocrisy.

Collective - A group structure implemented to water down individuality with mediocrity.

Colonialism Blame Theory - Excuse for Third World politicians to continue being second rate leaders and first rate scoundrels.

Communism - A failed philosophy except in the mind of university intellectuals.

Dead White Men - Thinkers blocking the path of the illogical.

Egalitarian Belief - The reduction of all to an equality with nothing.

Environmental Movement - Fascism for Vegetarians.

Feminism - A convenience for women to be just as idiotic as men.

Foreign Aid - Petty Cash for the bribery process.

Free Enterprise - Biased system favoring those with talent and a drive for hard work.

Freedom Fighter - A murderer with good taste.

Free Speech - That which all claim to champion but secretly wish to crush.

Hierarchy - A direct path leading to the most incompetent.

Marxism - Philosophy that for all purposes should have remained a theory.

Political Correctness - Twisted semantics that functions to strangle free thought.

Ralph Nader - Politician unelectable at any speed.

Oppressed - What every lefty dreams of being.

Peace - Ideal worth killing others over.

People of Color - Phrase foolishly used by those who claim to be politically color-blind.

Progressive Force - ‘Forward Thinking ‘ politics of the ideology that bought you the Gulags, Killing Fields and Purges.

Racism/Sexism - Common catch words designed to end debate.

Socialism - Marketing euphemism for Communism.

State Socialism - Rule by the ultimate corporate monopoly.

Taxes - The punishment for working too hard.

Trade Unions - A lefty’s best friend, until he/she tries to enter the job market.

Trotskyite - A Marxist on Uppers.

United States - A country that can do no right. Contrast with Iraq, China, North Korea and the old Soviet Union.
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