Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Seventies

Fifteen Great Things about the 70s (not in order)

1. Casual Sex was easier to obtain
2. There were less Computer Geeks running around.
3. As an English Soccer Fan - Liverpool were brilliant and Manchester United were crap.
4. There was no RAP music.
5. Tennis matches were fun to watch. Borg-Connors-Vilas Era.
6. Monty Python
7. Charlie’s Angels
8. Popsicles cost 5c and you could buy gum for 1c.
9. Star Wars debuted
10. Comics were more focused on story than effect.
11. Voice Mail was almost non-existent.
12. Nobody knew what it was to ‘leverage synergy’
13. No Cell Phones and Yuppies
14. The Space Race was looked at with confidence
15. Cars didn’t all look the same. As they did in the 90s.

Fifteen not so Great Things about the 70s (not in order)

1. Terrorism. Pity its still with us. Now worse than ever.
2. Grotesque hairdos
3. Lots of bad disco songs
4. Chequered suits
5. Serial Killers such as the Son of Sam
6. Mood Rings and Pet Rocks
7. Studio 54
8. Yasser Arafat addressing the United Nations with a pistol in his belt
9. Three Mile Island
10. England not qualifying for World Cup 74 and 78
11. Skylab crashing to Earth
12. The Yom Kippur War
13. Giant size calculators with limited power
14. Head cases such as Jane Fonda and Patty Hearst
15. Idi Amin
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