Thursday, May 22, 2008

Knowledge of Topics

I consider myself a generalist although I have strong bend towards history, physics, global politics, philosophy, comics and sport (particulary Soccer).

The following is a list of subjects that I have no qualms in discussing ad nauseam with anyone (for many hours if necessary). I believe that I have a strong knowledge in these areas although I am constantly on the look out for ways of enhancing and improving my understanding in these disciplines.


British History since 1066 - especially from Henry VIII onward.
Jewish History Until the 2nd century AD
Modern Jewish History - 19th, 20th and 21st centuries
The Middle East Conflict
History of South Africa
World War I and II ( I am stronger with WWII though)
US History from the Civil War onward
The French Revolution
The Holocaust
German Unification
Italian Unification
Louis XIV
Russian History from 1820 onward
Ancient Rome
The Cold War
History of Physics
History of Biology
Ancient Greece
The Space Race
The Third Reich
Africa in the post-colonization period
20th Century History (General)
Ancient Civilizations - Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Assyria, Persia (General)


Classical Mechanics
Relativity and Quantum Physics
Cosmology - Origin of the Universe
Evolutionary Theory
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Freud v Jung
Global Geography
General Chemistry
General Electricity and Magnetism
IQ Testing and Psychometrics
General Biology - particulary Genetics
Population Demographic Trends


Kantian Ethics
The G-d debate ( I am a theist)
Rationalism v Empiricism debate
Criticisms of Post-Modernisms
Jewish Philosophy
Political Philosophy (especially Conservatism)
The Athenian Trio
Comparitive World Religions (a truely fascinating topics)
Philosophies of Pedagogy
The Affirmative Action Debate

Global Politics

The War against Islasmofascism
Canadian Politics
US Politics (General)
European Politics (General - mainly UK and France)
Free Speech
Global Politics (General - Overview)
World Ideology overview


Judge Dredd
Rogue Trooper
Brit Coms 1970s-1980s - Roy of the Rovers, Battle Action, Tiger, Look and Learn, Eagle
Classic Comics


World Football (Soccer for the Yanks - particular emphasis the EPL and the World Cup)
Heavyweight Boxing
The Rugby World Cup (although I can improve on this)
The History of the Olympic Games

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