Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some Neat footer facts

The FA Cup takes place on Saturday and I have been in somewhat of a footer trivia mood as of late. Here are a few to wet the appetite:

Leicester City have reached the finals of the FA Cup Four times losing on every one of the occasions.

The Scottish Club Queen’s Park have played in two English FA Cup finals losing both of them.

The FA Cup was originally founded in 1872 as a knockout tournament for Amateur Clubs.

Blackburn Olympic in 1883 were the first Professional club to win the FA Cup.

In 1889 Preston North End won the FA Cup without conceding a goal throughout the entire competition. They also won the League that year without losing a game.

Cardiff City in 1927 are the only non-English club ever to win the FA Cup. Perhaps they can add a second one on Saturday....

Blackburn Rovers were the first team that still exist today in the League to win the FA Cup. They did so in 1884 repeating in 1885 and 1886.

11-a-side teams were first introduced in Football in 1841.

Everton, Arsenal and Newcastle United have been FA Cup runners-up the most times. 7 for each club. Liverpool have been runners-up 6 times, Manchester United 5 times.

Tottenham Hotspurs are 8-1 in FA Cup finals. Their first loss was the 3-2 defeat against Coventry in 1987.

Manchester United have been League Runners-up 12 times. Liverpool and Aston Villa are tied for 2nd place with ten runners-up berths each. Manchester United’s first season as runners-up was 1947.

Notts County have not won a trophy since 1894. Talk about long suffering fans.

The now discontinued Cup Winners Cup was won a record four times by Barcelona.
Chelsea were England’s most successful club in this competition winning the tournament twice, in 1971 and 1998.

The Cup Winners Cup was won more times by English clubs (8 times) than clubs of any other European Country. Spain and Italy each had clubs win the Cup 7 times.


Anonymous said...

Notts County won the Anglo-Italian cup final at Wembley in 1995.

For a full list see,,10426~1028225,00.html

G.H.Kanowitz said...

You are correct. My mistake.