Thursday, June 05, 2008

Euro 2008

With England, and for that matter none of the Home Unions, being represented in Euro 2008, its tough to be excited about the competition.
Nevertheless as an avid Football fan who can't (in reality) detach himself from the hullaballoo of the tournament I will throw my hat in the ring in cheering for Spain.

Its not that I have much affinity for the Iberian nation (although its history is intriguing) but I am curious to see how Liverpool's own Fernando Torres will perform on the international stage.
My head however argues differently from my heart in believing that the Germans, who narrowly missed out on World Cup glory two years ago, will in all likelihood emerge victorious for the tournament as a whole (Ballack is overdue for something).

I will as custom dictates cheer against the Azzurri , France and Portugal, although in the case of the latter the presence of one Christiano Ronaldo (and the toxic image of him winning another trophy) goes a long way in motivating such a stance.
As for the Dutch, I can see them causing their usual stirr but a leaky defence and a questionable big game mindset will probably prove their undoing for the umpteenth time.

On another note - Expect Big Phil Scolari to be Chelsea's new manager. My earlier pick was Gus Hiddink, but the Dutchman appears to be loyal to his Russian bosses.
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