Monday, June 23, 2008

Overrated Intellectuals/'Thinkers' and Personalities

The following is a list of so-called intellectuals who are of significantly more hype than genuine substance (Not in any order)

1. Noam Chomsky
2. Edward Said
3. Frantz Fanon
4. Naomi Klein
5. Norman Finkelstein
6. Mark Levine
7. Linda McQuaig
8. Scott McConnell
9. Richard Dawkins
10. Paolo Freire
11. Paul Krugman
12. Anthony Lewis
13. Peter McLaren
14. Howard Zinn
15. Lew Rockwell
16. Ann Coulter
17. Taki Theodoracopolus
18. Michael Moore
19. Ayn Rand
20. Michael Neumann
21. John Mearsheimer
22. Stephen Walt
23. David Suzuki
24. Alexander Cockburn
25. Robert Fisk
26. Tony Judt
27. Michel Foucault
28. Jacques Derrida
29. Ward Churchill
30. Richard Lynn


Morius said...

I agree, especially with Richard Dawkins, he is waaaay overrated.

You should also post the most overrated philosophers, such as Nietzche.

Anonymous said...

Chomsky is one of the most quoted researchers in history. I don't think the author of "Manufacturing Dissent" belongs on the same list with Ann Coulter