Saturday, March 10, 2007

This is what I have learnt from in life

1. There are no Magic Bullets.
2. Question your Assumptions.
3. A teacher is a learner or in mathematical terms - teaching is the first derivative of learning.
4. Choose your written and spoken words carefully.
5. Stand back from a problem to solve it - The Akido of Problem Solving.
6. It happens because G-d deemed it so.
7. Unique Solutions are rare.
8. Know when to abandon a lost cause.
9. Listen.
10. Always ask why - the answer is not always why not.
11. G-d wants us to think ergo the presence of our cerebral cortex.
12. There is no such thing as a human authority merely a more versed knowledge.
13. Work with conviction.
14. Life changes when you become a parent - for me it was for the better.
15. The Theory of Everything is the Tower of Babel of Modern Physics.
16. Post Modernism is an excuse for "anything goes'.
17. If you abandon standards you abandon progress.
18. Think of failure as a data point on the success curve.
19. Know yourself.
20. Surprise yourself.
21. If the devil is in the details G-d is in the overriding concept.
22. If someone tells you that they are a free thinker they have merely chosen to hide the chains of their bias for convenience. True free thinkers will never admit to such arrogance.
23. Don't fall into the trap of defining yourself as a victim it is very much a self fulfilling mind trap.
24. Physics no more Applied Math than running is applied jumping.
25. Solutions are nested within the best phraseology of a question.
26. When reading philosophy remember that the vast majority of apparent insight is merely wheel spinning re-worded.
27. Much of Academic learning is built on the quicksand of excessive verbosity.
28. You can prove anything if you manipulate the statistics accordingly.
29. Not knowing when to sacrifice emotion for reason is our greatest tragedy.
30. Most people love a good scapegoat.
31. Realizing self error is a sign of insight.
32. Nothing meaningful in life is finite.
33. No scientific model can predict human behaviour.
34. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. Thats why we should risk to succeed.
35. Don't be afraid to turn a brain storm into a cognitive hurricane.
36. My parents knew a thing or two.
37. Reading history is not a sure fire way of avoiding its repitition.
38. The Stockmarket is driven by the law of conservation of expectations.
39. To often in history it is apparent the solution has scared used more than the problem.
40. Bureauracy is the maintenance force for mediocrity.
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