Monday, March 12, 2007

Dumbing Down a College Education

There is a famous scene in the classic gross-out comedy ''Animal House" where John Belushi (as Bluto Blutarsky) is urging his Delta fraternity brothers to retaliate against a rival Greek house. After receiving only lukewarm support, Belushi shouts, ''Did the Americans give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Everyone looked incredulously at Belushi, but his mistaken oration had the proper effect, the Deltas went out and staged the memorable destruction of the homecoming parade.
Although ''Animal House" was an exaggerated view of fraternity life on a college campus and Belushi was a caricature of the frat bozo -- who with a .08 grade point average, somehow stayed in school -- real life college may now be imitating the Hollywood version.
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