Sunday, March 11, 2007

Some Political/Math Definitions

A Fundamentalist - One who replaces all variables in a system immediately with constants without solving any of the equations.

A Radical - The same as the fundamentalist except that the constants are different.

A Conservative - one who insists that the equations are valid before solving the system.

A Nihilist - a radical who replaces all constants with zero.

An Anarchist - destroys the equations before solving them.

A Leftist - rejects all solutions if it does not make him/her personally feel better.

A Marxist - watches while somenody else solves the problem and then claims it was in reality a group effort.

A Liberal - Lets the conservative come up with the solution then changes the variable names, remarkets it as a new idea and then taxes you for it.

A Fascist - Forces you to come up with the solution at gun point.

An Academic - Rejects all solution that have practical value in favour of an option that makes no sense but at least the publishers like it.

A Stalinist - Same as the Fascist but more believable by the academics.

A Trotskyite - A marxist - only more comfortable in ensuring that the whole world shares in the bad solution.

A Feminist - One who argues that women are equal to men when it comes to poor solutions for a problem.
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