Friday, March 16, 2007

'Free Time' well spent

Teaching full-time and having a child does not allow for much free time but I thankfully have been succesful in usinng my spare time productively. The following is a list of nine activities that I am fond of:

1. Blogging (a bit self evident isn't it. But now that I have two blogs it is even more challenging).

2. Reading New Scientist (for the most part I am three weeks behind on this weekly periodical but I try and catch up during the school breaks). The main articles thaty interest me concern theoretical physics/cosmology, evolutionary biology, psychometrics, astronomy and scientific philosophy. NS is first rate for each of these topics hence my 5+ year subscription.

3. Writing - Have written two books - History of the Future and Take the History Challenge. Have a sequel to the former planned.

4. Reading History - Need to keep current. Interests are multifaceted. Although of late I have become most interested in the radical groups of the 19th century.

5. Reading Physics - As a physics teacher and a lover of the subject - I read whatever I can grab my hands on. At present I am working my way through (painstakingly) Roger Penrose's Road to Reality.

6. Debating others (usually on politics) on the web - Its a dirty job but somebody has to set the radicals and fundamentalists straight.

7. Watching football - especially the Mighty Reds - Liverpool.

8. Movies - I reckon that I enjoy 70% of them (my wife and are selective but open minded). We see a fair amount of foreign films. Its somewhat relaxing on a Friday night after the baby has gone to sleep.

9. Exercising - I hit the elliptical machine every second day.
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