Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In the News XXIII

Zimbabwean Opposition Chief Brutally beaten
If this contunues it will only be a matter of time before Zimbabwe deterioates into Civil War.
Unforunately, my home country - South Africa - gives lip (and who knows what else) service to Mugabe and his thug regime.

UN to act on Darfur?
I am still not sure whether anything positive will surface. Islamist forces in this 'joke' of a world body are still very powerful.

Chavez continues obsession with Bush
It seems that the Venezuelan is prepared to possibly bankrupt his country to prove a point.

Tony Blair - Mr. Green
Fair Enough. What I am interested in seeing is how Cameron and the Tory's respond. Could we have a return of the old Labour-Conservative dichotomy?

Stephen Harper - Canada's Mr. Green
Its heading toward election time and Harper is throwing money around like a Grit. The Liberals will really be picking up the scraps if Harper rides environmental mantle.
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