Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stellar Ruminations

Of what is a star?

Heat pressure - excreted as Fusion's bi-product resists the terminal collapse of mass
as if to cheat Newton's force. A star packed tightly flares murmouring its anger. Guided by turmoil it caves to an equilibrium - a chained beast begging to express itself - only to be gagged by the bonds of the physics padlock.

Onward to the galaxy.....

Matter multipled again and again - reaching limits that bring change. Gravity grounding through fabric punctuates the everpresent with a new fundamental. A spiralling vortex awakes and harmonizes to its brilliance. Localized and distinct - revolving around an imaginary point - a stable is set where bodies are gestated. What meaning is there to this process? A pray to a heavenly order that shapes beauty with mathematical purpose. I am in awe.

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