Saturday, March 31, 2007


On becoming computer literate in the 90s.

Converted by need I was assured no chance. Info-swamped - bought into rank by a machine. I am a new convert, a loyal stooge - mastering technology for the sake of survival. I strain to avoid the suction effect that the stranglehold of subservience requires but its beachead is solid.
All around are ministers preaching in bit waves drowning heresy by transistor talk.

When your skin is not so thick.
(Written shortly after my divorce)

They say words don't hurt but for me they sour. Like Aqua Regia dissolving gold, this venom of fibrillating junk bites holes into an emotional barricade already weakened by insult. I wish I had a skin to resist a detector foil that can magically throw back spite. It is for such a defense that I strive as I cling to a natural wall shelled to patchwork by the barbs of others.

Boundaries to oneself

An endless unity of existence which defies the perception of our senses holds us firmly into the closed loop of the total. All thoughts have consequence - ideas birth the aftershock. I therefore select careful inspiration to tread lightly on this passionate complexity.
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