Sunday, April 30, 2006

Conservatives versus Leftism – An Intro

What is a political conservative?

A political conservative is one who believes in the foundations of both civilization and society. By foundations I mean the very building blocks that the society has been constructed on. In the West these foundations are democracy, order, rule of law and meritocracy. Conservatives support high standards whether this is in education or in life for it is through high standards that we rightfully grow and mature.

Do conservatives abhor change?

Not at all. Change is necessary so long as it does not attempt to tear down and recreate the foundations. In fact change is necessary. It is through gradual change that our civilization has developed. The change that conservatives detest is that of foundation stripping and societal engineering. These philosophies which manifested themselves in the radicalism of the French Jacobins lies at the forefront of non-conservative thought. They are dangerous and must be resisted.

What then is Leftism?

Leftism by its very nature is anti-establishment. Leftists are obsessed with Utopist ideals that seek to recreate society in a particular vision. Most of these ideals (if not all) are unrealistic but have a romantic appeal in a ‘better then the status quo’ aspect. This is there weakness. Radicalism gave humanity the excesses of State Socialism, Marxism, Maoism, Religious Fundamentalism, and National Socialism. Each one was a disaster for humanity.

The Leftist strategy is fourfold:

Work to discredit the establishment where possible through non-cooperation and rhetoric;
Seize control of the key institutions of society (in particular Government, the Judiciary and the Education System);
Strip down the Foundations of the Old Establishment (the intermediate anarchy phase);
Build from scratch the new ‘Utopia’.

In all of these steps the overlying philosophy is that the ‘End Justifies the Means.’

How can you bring together such groups with as differing philosophies as Religious Fundamentalism and Marxism? Aren’t they opposed to one another?

Politically these Leftist Philosophies clash as each has a different version of Utopia but in all other aspects they are similar. Both adhere to the Fourfold strategy outlined above, both detest the establishment, both hate the success of Western Democracy and both ultimately seek to crush individuality, through social engineering. That is the ultimate goal of Leftist Philosophy. The creation of one mind stripped of difference marching to the drum of the Utopist Beat. Ultimately the individual has to be sacrificed for society. It is this concept which sickens conservatives who know only too well the lessons of history.

In their hatred of the establishment Leftists will join forces with other Leftists whose Utopist philosophy contradicts their own. Look at the Alliance between the Nazis and the Communists prior to the Invasion of Poland in 1939. Today International Socialists, Trotskyite students and Radical Feminists march hand in hand with Islamist radicals to oppose the War against Terror. It is not uncommon to see leftist gay groups champion the actions of Muslim extremists, even if they must know that gay rights would be smashed under an Islamic regime. In a sense it is all too sickening.

However to me this is no surprise. Leftists hate conservatives more than they detest one another, especially when conservatives absorb the workable parts of their agenda into society before they (the Leftists) have had a chance to strip down its very pillars. Lets not forget that it was Otto van Bismarck (The arch-Conservative) who took the thunder from State Socialists by implementing a pension plan in late 19th century Germany, a pension plan that worked without dismantling the system. How very terrible?

Why do Leftists detest history?

History serves to discredit the utopist version that underpins all Leftist ideology. In history there is continual struggle between conservative change a leftist radicalism, with the latter contributing to much human suffering (The Reign of Terror in France, Nazism, Stalin’s Purges, Mao’s Cultural Revolution etc etc). History also tells the story of the triumph of conservative democracy in the US, UK, Western Europe, and India. Leftists are keen to downplay these successes and so have created a watered down version of the facts which due to the preponderance of leftists in academia have found there way into modern school curricula. First to go was the ‘Great Man’ concept of historical analysis, following shortly on this was the elimination of fact based history and its replacement by historical relativism a euphemistic phrase for slanting history along the bias of choice. So much so that students can emerge from a course (and believe me as a teacher I have seen it) knowing nothing about Napoleon or Italian Unification but plenty about class conflict and the power of the elites. This is a travesty. In order to understand and appreciate history it is essential to know the chronology of events, who the individuals evolved were, how did they clash with one another evolve and what was the outcome. Once these factors have been established it is then possible to analyze the situation using all the –isms you want. Today’s method of history teaching does the opposite. It glosses over the details, heads straight for the –isms giving the student a half-baked view of history. Leftists are fond of this, as they can twist history to suit their taste while at the same time providing the student with as little context to contradict their dogma. Its all so very dangerous but this is what radicals aspire to.

Is Anti-Semitism a Leftist Philosophy?

Anti-Semites exist on both sides of the political divide. However Leftist Philosophy is more appealing to the Anti-Judaic mindset. Its no co-incidence that Marxism, Nazism and Islamism have had strong veins of anti-semitic philosophy running through them. All three philosophies, as well as Socialism, Anarchism and Social Libertarianism detest the Jews. The reason for this is simple. The Gift of the Jews to Western Civilization has been immense. Judaic ethical values adopted by a largely Christian society form the basis for our Modern Western Civilization. In addition it’s the Jewish emphasis on learning that has influenced Christianity and in turn helped Western Civilization reach its greatness. Judaic law focuses on critical thinking not on slanted dogma which the Left adheres to. This open-minded methodology has always ensured a level headed approach to Jewish Philosophy that has been well adapted to Christian thought. Since Leftisms intermediate goal is the destruction of the establishment, a hatred of Judaic values, ideas and institutions is a necessary consequence. I have studied the readings of the various Leftists philosophies and despite their apparent political differences the rhetoric from the Radicals is overwhelmingly consistent when it concerns the hatred of the Jews. If the Nazis hadn’t of attempted mass genocide against the Jews some other radical group would have. Judaic values after all sit at the center of our society and are anathema to the Leftist Revolution. In Conclusion Anti-Semitism is not just a leftist belief it’s a necessity for its adherents.
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