Monday, April 17, 2006

10 Positives from the Iraqi War

1. Sadaam Hussein was ousted from power.
2. The Shiite Muslims can regain the privilege of freedom of worship.
3. The devastation carried out by Sadaam Hussein’s regime against the land of the Marsh Arabs can be reversed up to a point.
4. Iraq is no longer a threat to the oil fields of the gulf states.
5. Sadaam Hussein’s son Uday, who was notorious for raping women and beating up athletes is now dead. Sadaam Hussein is on trial.
6. The Kurds have a better chance of obtaining a homeland (although I personally cannot see this happening especially with the possibility that a Kurdish homeland may destabilize Turkey which has a large Kurdish population).
7. Baghdad can be rebuilt into an economic center, perhaps reclaiming its former position (held in the 12th century) as the most important city in the Arab world.
8. The war did not escalate into the Arab World v The West Third World War that so many predicted it would. The war also did not spill over into Jordan and Syria.
9. Many weapons that could prove vital to Western security in the future were battle tested.
10. No weapons of mass destruction were used against US troops (I am still not convinced that they never existed).
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