Sunday, April 02, 2006

Quiz #2 - AIDS

1.What does AIDS stand for?
2.Which French scientist first identified the HIV virus?
3.In what city was this first international AIDS conference held (Clue: Think of the Center for Disease Control)?
4. This drug was approved in 1987 to fight AIDS. What was the drug?
5. What type of inhibitor is the anti-AIDS drug Saquinavir?
6.What type of cells are targeted by HIV?
7.What is the more common variant of the HIV strain seen in Africa?
8.What was GRID?
9.According to a common theory from what type of animal did HIV-1 pass onto human beings?
10.In what city was the AIDS memorial quilt started?
11. Which Surgeon General authored the book Understanding AIDS?
12.In 1991 Fox became the first network in the US to air a paid commercial for this product. Name the product?

Answers for AIDS

1.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
2.Dr. Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute.
5.A Protease Inhibitor.
6.T-helper lymphopcytes or CD4 cells.
8.An early name for AIDS – GRID stands for Gay Related Immuno Deficiency.
9.A chimpanzee prior to 1955.
10.San Francisco in 1987.
11. C. Everett Koop. Over 100 million copies were mailed out in 1988.
12.The condom.
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