Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hitler and World War II

He might not necessarily have won the war but Hitler could have improved his chances if he had.....

1. Not broken his non-Aggression Pact with Russia and ordered Operation Barbarossa,
2. Not perecuted the Jews and other undesirables thereby stripping Germany of valuable brainpower and wasting much resources that could have been used for the war effort,
3. Not declared war so quickly on the US after Pearl Harbour,
4. Not switched tactics several times during Opertation Barbarossa,
5. Not underestimated the importance of RADAR to the Brits,
6. Not used blind racism to understimate the strength of African-American fighting units,
7. Put more faith on his Jet plane units instead of focusing on the V1 and V2 rockers towards war end,
8. Listened more carefully to his generals (especially Rommel and Guaderain),
9. Not slept through the early period of D-Day (Overlord) having given strict instructions not to be disturbed,
10. Not spread his forces so thin that they were often prey to resistance and partisan groups,
11. Not pushed the UK to brinkmanship by his stupidity in Poland,
12. Not deemed Nuclear Physics a Jewish Science thereby throwing the advantage to the Allies in this field,
13. Not wasted time attacking North Africa,
14. Not overestimated Nazi support in the US,
15. Not underestimated the intelligence of the Slavs (in particular the Russians and the Serbs),
16. Not turned on the Ukrainians who at one time appeared to be natural allies,
17. Used Irish Nationalism as a force to undermine the Brits,
18. Not placed so much faith in his 'unbreakable' war code,
19. Not given the RAF breathing time to rebuild by changing his strategy in the Battle of Britain to bomb civilian sites,
20. Not allowed Germany to become a bureaucratic nightmare by allowing the instruments of totaliterianism from going out of hand,
21. taken the opportunity to finish the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk instead of hesitating to do so.
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