Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'll be egotistical today...

Name: Gavin Kanowitz
Place of Birth: Pretoria South Africa
Religion: Jewish
Myers-Briggs Type: INfp
IQ: 99.5th percentile on WAIS-III
Enneagram Type: The Connoisseur/Logical Thinker
Favorite Colour Combination: Red/Black
Political Philosophy that best describes me: Libertarian
Favourite Political Figures: Winston Churchill,
Menachem Begin and Abraham Lincoln.
Favourite Sports Teams: American Football - San Francisco 49ers
Baseball - Toronto Blue Jays
Basketball - Toronto Raptors
Cricket - South Africa
Real Football - Liverpool and England
Ice Hockey - Toronto Maple Leafs
Rugby - South Africa (Springboks)
Favourite Sport: Real Football of course.
Favourite European City: London
Favourite Continental European City: Amsterdam
Favourite Superhero: Batman
Favourite Comic Character: Judge Dredd
Favourite Painting: The Coronation of Napoleon by
David (Louvre version)
Favourite Golfer: Ernie Els
3 Favourite Composers: Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.
Favourite Actor: Kevin Spacy/Ed Norton (its a tie)
Favourite Actress: Emma Thompson
5 Favourite Rock Groups (in order): Queen
Pink Floyd
The Doors
3 Favourite solo artists (in order): John Lennon
Billy Joel
Bob Marley
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