Sunday, May 07, 2006

Philosophy Test

Here is a copy of the philosophy test I gave my Grade 12 students. We had just completed the Ethics and Political Philosophy Units.

1.What is the difference between Kant and Aristotle’s concept of Ethics? (2)

2.How does Utilitarianism differ from Hedonism and Egoism? (3)

3.Give two weaknesses of Ethical Relativism? (2)

4.Why has Marxism failed as a force in the West? (4)

5.How do Hobbes, Locke and Rawls differ with respect to the social contract? (3)

6.What is meant by the concept of totalitarianism? (1)

7.With which ideas that you have studied do you associate the following thinkers:

JJ Rousseau
Ayn Rand
Jeremy Bentham
Edmund Burke
Baron Montesquieu (5)

8.Is the concept of a Just War workable in a Utilitarian framework? Argue using Examples? (5)

9.With axes of economic and personal freedom. Plot the following individuals

Stephen Harper
Joseph Stalin
Jack Layton (3)

10. What is the a. Bourgeoise
b. Hegelian Dialectic
c. Diktat of the Proletariat (3)
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