Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Quantum Mechanical Consideration

An object follows a Path P through Space (and time). It then collides with another particle resulting in momentum and energy transfer.
Modern Physics only concerns itself with this actual collision as it demonstrates the shifting of energies.(and therefore states). From its philosophical point of view the history of this path is inconsequential. What only matters is the conditions before and after the collision. I am somewhat bothered by this. Why is the history ‘meaningless’? Is it really so or do we choose to omit it in order to simplify the problem? I would argue the latter and go one step further by reasoning that it is the history that may contribute to the ‘uncertainty’ that so defines interactions at the quantum level. I do not believe that ‘history’ is lost. Physics abhors the loss of ‘information’ (look at the laws of conservation of mass, energy and momentum).Somehow it must be conserved (maybe not in its original form but in some other form). I propose that historical information is transformed maybe into quantum foam but more likely into one of the higher dimensions that string theory supports. What happens to it in these dimensions is anyone’s guess. But here is an idea. What if this information was churned (by some black box process) into an entity that returns to form the ‘Dark Energy’ needed the Inflationary Expansion of our own universe. I have no proof for any of this but is it more outrageous than the current ideas on the boiler right now (branes, strings, quantum loops etc)?
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