Monday, May 15, 2006

Quiz # 4 Birds


1.What common name is used to describe the internal structure of bird bones?
2.What Class do birds belong to?
3.Which bird is the fastest swimmer?
4.This type of falcon can reach a speed of 250km/hr in one of its swooping dives. Name the bird?
5.A certain type of anatomical markings on a swan provide a similar uniqueness to fingerprinting. What are they?
6.What is the largest bird?0
7.What bird has the widest wingspan?
8.This four letter extinct bird is associated with the Indian Ocean island of Mauriitius. Name the bird?
9.What is the smallest bird?
10.Another name for the breast plate or sternum of a bird is the…
11.The last living member of this species of bird was seen in Iceland in 1844. Name the bird?
12.What bird has the largest beak?

Answers to Birds

1,Honeycombed. Adds strength to the bird bones while reducing weight. An engineer’s dream.
2.Class: Aves
3.The Penguin. It can swim at 10m/second which is roughly the speed that a top class male human runner achieves in a sprint.
4. The Peregrine Falcon.
5.Bill markings. Male swans have more feathers on them than any other bird.
6.The African Ostrich.
7.Most experts argue that it is the Andean condor which has a wingspan of 3m. However a male wandering albatross was found in 1965 to have a wingspan of 3.63 m (that is over twice the height of an average person).
9.The bee hummingbird from Cuba. It weighs in at 1.6g.
10.Keel. Helps with flight.
11.The Auk.
12.The Pelican of course.
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