Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roger Federer - Tennis Genius

Roger Federer now has his fifteenth Grand Slam title which makes him the most succesful Grand Slam Tennis Player of All-Time.

He has gone ahead of the following illustrious ensemble and is my pick for the Greatest Player of all-Time. Kudos to the Swiss super talent.

(Player and Number of Slams won)

Sampras - 14
Emerson - 12 (took advantage of the Laver absentee years)
Laver - 11 (could have won twenty + if Professionals weren't barred for several years)
Borg -11
Tilden - 10
Rosewell - 8
Agassi -8
Connors -8
McEnroe -7 (My personal favourite)
Newcombe - 7
Wilander - 7
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