Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Track Record

by Dick McDonald

1. He promised to save 3 or 4 million jobs – we have lost 3.5 million jobs since January
2. He promised to hold unemployment to 8% - it is at 9.5% and skyrocketing
3. The Government’s tax receipts from corporations are down 55%
4. The Government’s tax receipts from individuals are down 27%
5. Obama passed a stimulus bill that has no chance of stimulating the economy.
6. Announced plan to tax job creators and kill old people to pay for a universal health plan no one wants
7. The deficit hit a record $1 trillion on July 14, 2009 on its way to a record $2 trillion by year end
8. The number of under-employed is at 20% and rising
9. Business is reeling from being told they will bear more of the tax burden and have reduced staff
10. Cap and Trade will add billions to the cost of all products sold in America – it will hurt the poor
11. New emission standards will add billions to transportation cost for everything
12. He has incurred more debt in 5 months than all the presidents before him (combined)
13. He has favored wealth re-distribution over job creation and economic growth
14. He bowed to a Saudi King and runs down America wherever he goes
15. He has taken sides favoring Islamic Palestinians over the Israelis1
16. He funds a Gestapo-like mob of ACORN brown shirts intimidating everyone
17. He voted against strict constructionists for SCOTUS
18. He is anti-gun and for post-birth abortions
19. He attended a black separatist church for twenty years and never heard the sermon
20. He has taken over General Motors and bankrupted little old ladies that invested in their bonds
21. He gave an equity interest in General Motors to an unsecured UAW debtor as a political payoff
22. He doesn’t hold his hand over his heart for the pledge of allegiance
23. His only solutions are to tax the rich directly or the poor indirectly
24 Gives Miranda Rights to the enemy on the battlefield
25. Wants to stop the CIA from killing enemy leaders during a war
26. Hires 30 Czars to run the country without vetting by Congress
27. He is an anti-capitalist that favors a socialist big government
28. He is against increasing domestic oil drilling in ANWR and offshore
29. He is against building nuclear plants
30. His ethanol addiction has caused corn shortages that precipitated starvation in the Third World
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