Wednesday, July 01, 2009

In the News LVIII

Bernie Madoff sentenced to 150 years
I am interested in what he will have to say when he wins release in 2159. Seems as though the sentence fits the crime in this case. If he were convicted in Canada he would probably only receive five to ten years.

Coup D'Etat in Honduras
Manuel Zelaya was a threat to democracy and was on his way to establishing a dictatorship in the country (via an unconstitutional referendum) but his opponents should have sought redress and defeated him at the ballot box. A military coup d'etat is not the solution.

A Muslim Nation moves closer to Israel
Kudos to Azerbaijan for seeing the light. Who will follow next?

Pakistani troops hit out at Taliban at Swat
There was room for a pun in this one but I will let it go. Suffice it to say Pakistan is finally pulling its weight in their fight against Islamofascism.

United Nations continues its war against the Jews
This heading sounds severe - but I am tired of glossing over what is so obvious.

Mousavi - not really better than Ahmadinejad
Mir Hossein Mousavi a thug and is no champion of Freedom and Justice.
Iran needs a true democracy not another spokesperson for the Mullahs.

Is Obama getting tough with Cuba?
The better question is : How did he get this one by the crowd who so influence the Dems?

Affirmative Action defeated in Firefighter Case
The New York Times laments the Supreme Court verdict but those who believe in fairness and equality will champion it.

British PM Gordon Brown attempts to wreck tourism industry with added tax
Lets see the British economy is in the tank and our boy Gordon wants to burden it with further taxes.....Draw your own conclusion here.

Chavez continues his march toward dictatorship by threatening to remove a second TV Network from the air.
Still he remains the darling of the left. Proving once again when push comes to shove the left is totally hypocritical.

Hamas endorses Obama
Not exactly earth shattering but worth mentioning.

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