Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From the World of Science

Is Pluto a Planet again?
I always believed that it was unfairly demoted now it appears that the case for reinstatement is gaining momentum..Mark Sykes an astronomer at the Planetary Institute in Tuscon puts forth this argument

if an object is big enough for its own gravity to squeeze it into a rounded shape, then call it a planet. That would make a planet of Pluto again, as well as Ceres and a growing number of other bodies
For more go to Pluto

Comets not Asteroids to blame for Moons Scarred face
It all happened 3.85 billion years ago...The clincher would be the discovery of ice.
Source Comets

Food Dye may ease Spinal Injury Severity
Its all about halting the rush of molecular changes that occur after an injury. Apparently the food dye Brilliant Blue G can help. Science never fails to surprise.
Source Food Dye

Low Level Cloud Cover and Global Warming
This further complicates the Rube Goldberg mechanism of feedback cycles that already influence climate change.
Source Cloud Cover
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