Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Footer Roundup from last week.

Confederation Cup

The Confed Cup is the poor cousin of the World Cup and it lived up to expectations. The Italians underachieved, the Spaniards choked and the South Africans groaned their way to the semi-final. Kudos to Brazil for restoring the world order with a first rate display in the second half of the final (to win their third Confed Cup) but the tournament's real heroes were the Americans, who showed as they did in World Cup 2002, that they are not afraid to rub heads with football's elite.

European Under 21 Championship

England almost caused a rip in the space time continuum but in predictable fashion went down to the Germans in the final......this time in a torrent of bullets (4 to zero). Well done to Steve Pearce and co. for closing in on the finish line with nothing more than fumes.

I still don't know why they call it an Under 21 championship when there were several players in each squad who were older than 21.....go figure.
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