Friday, July 24, 2009

In the News LIX

Joe Biden denounces Russian Invasion of Georgia
Georgia is an ally of the West it is important that we not let them down
(as the West did with the Czechs prior to WWII).

George Bush and Tony Blair in Africa
Success in Africa - You won't read much about this story line in the MSM but it is definitely newsworthy. Juxtapose this against the failure of the Clintonistas in the region.

Honour Killings on the rise in Canada
This phenomenon is growing in my home country under the cover of the twisted phrase of 'Reasonable Accomodation'. For more go to Jawa Report

Obama Approval rating at new low
Only 43% approve of his handling of healthcare for example. Has the Glean come off the Messiah? Meanwhile the Obama (not knowing all the facts) has unwisely chosen to stir the racial pot on the Henry Louis Gates issue. Larry Elder had this to say about the issue.

For more on the Obama stimulus package read: Rasmussen. 31% say the stimulus packages hurt the economy.

Rioting in South Africa

It is interesting to see how Zuma responds to this. I hope for the sake of the country that he does not take a leaf out of the playbook of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.

Crackdowns in Iran Continue

Something has to give. I still believe that Obama and co. missed the boat in driving this situation into a more favourale direction. The democracy moving was left hanging by the nation that is supposed to be the champion of liberal democracy.... What a shame.

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