Sunday, September 07, 2008

On the environment

I am starting to warm up to the Obama-Biden ticket as of late. Maybe its election fatigue but I suspect it has to do with the more more forward thinking environmental position that the Dems are championing. I still see McCain as the superior leader but I am disturbed that the Republican position on this issue falls far short of the optimum. Offshore drilling, while appealing in the short run, will negatively impact the environment and detract from the much needed effort to promote better alternatives with respect to wind, solar and geo-thermal power.
While McCain initially stood in opposition against offshore drilling - the oil corporation influence within his party (and the fact that his Veep-to-be Sarah Pallin is all gung-ho about the idea) indicates that it is very likely that he will his shift position. Future generations will face the consequence of these actions.

The US has shown throughout its history that it is a nation with a creative zest. I believe that it has within it the brain power to foster workable solutions to critical issues, of which the environment is no exception. Illogical fear mongering linking pro-environmental solutions to economic degradation are short-sighted and detract from this drive.
The Republican party - the same big tent that spawned the Nation's First Green President Theodore Roosevelt - has unfortunately been enveloped by this philosophy. If the maverick side of McCain breaks this stranglehold I will applaud his efforts. However one cannot live on a hope one must act on a plan and Obama-Biden is clearly ahead in this department.
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